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Snipedown Snipedown

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


reminds me of Storm the House 2, but with better graphics.The unique aspect of the scope makes for something other than point and click.Overall, the repeating nature is normal with a game like this,I felt the graphics and visuals like the varied deaths of troopers depending on where/how they get hit ETC.,overcame this.About my only suggestion is adding a little variation on the turrets, maybe a few screams when soldiers get shot.Other than that, not much needs to be improved at all.

Chainsaw the Children Chainsaw the Children

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Mindless Violence....

is a great stress reliever,while I know it's an unfinished game and all, I find it's a good way to "kill" time.....just wish I had more gas, as I always run out at the worst possible times >.>

Smokin Barrels Smokin Barrels

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Hard but addicting

Has a few flaws which have been mentioned, the grinding for money mainly, I found the horse racing to be perhaps glitched, the opponent took off full tilt.I could not catch up to him at all, even though he was hitting things.The main gem of this game, is the duels, it's unique system that I found to be really addicting and always changing.

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Bowmaster Prelude Bowmaster Prelude

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Shwoop!,thud, ahhh!!

I love the sound on this game, reminds me of the sounds kids make when playing with action figures.The overall variety and options combined with solid controls makes for a great game.I end up with a sore wrist after playing though....

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Thing-Thing Arena 3 Thing-Thing Arena 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Grade A stress relief....

Who needs therapy when you can blaze away at hordes of goons with awesome guns...the details are great, the sounds are terrific, and the premise is simple gun based mayhem.True, it is the same thing repeating again and again,getting a little harder every wave , but then again, repeating is the idea behind automatic weapons ^_^

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